DRIVING Directions

How to Get Here

For your convenience, we've provided directions below to Allen Event Center located at 200 E. Stacy Road Number 1350, Allen, TX 75002 from some common areas. Once you’re here, convenient wayfinding signage throughout the Grande Communications Plaza will direct you to most points of interest.


From Dallas

When city slickers want some fun they take these roads.

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From DFW

When famous people come to Dallas, they take this route.

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Ft. Worth

From Ft. Worth

This is how steers steer their way to cool events.

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From Oklahoma

These are directions for our neighbors to the north.

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m Sicily

Quando il Padrino vuole farci un'offerta non possiamo rifiutare userebbe queste strade. 

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From Graceland

This is how Elvis gets to us.

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